Eco-conscious stay

Mas de Muntaner is off grid and therefore uses its own facilities for generating energy and obtaining water. The energy is generated using solar panels. In the event that there is no sun for a longer period of time, there is a gas installation for supplying energy. Water is pumped up from the well that we had drilled ourselves. The clean and clear water from the underground water streams is used for the water-consuming facilities in the guest houses. In addition, we will make sure that upon arrival there is a bottle of water available that can be used for drinking and cooking.

We think it is important to be as environmentally conscious as possible with the facilities and ask our guests to also be aware of how to deal with water and energy consumption. The guest rooms are equipped with LED lamps and the windows are made of heat-resistant glass that keep the rooms nice and cool in the summer and pleasantly warm in the winter. The presence of a recirculation system ensures that hot water can be supplied more quickly and the tap does not have to run unnecessarily for long while waiting for hot water.

In addition to the guest houses, Mas de Muntaner has a vegetable garden where various fruits and vegetables are grown throughout the year. Mas de Muntaner has goats to help maintaining the terrain and we also plan to have our own chickens. In the future, the vegetable garden and the animal kingdom will be further expanded in order to be able to live even more self-sufficiently and to offer our guests pure, home-grown products.

The estate of Mas de Muntaner consists of almost 25 hectares of land that has not been maintained in the many years before the purchase. As a result, there is still a lot of work to do to clean up the land and improve the soil. Using permaculture and regenerative agriculture, we aim to improve the quality of the estate. In the meantime, we can harvest the olives, almonds and figs that are abundantly growing on the property, to make delicious olive oil, almond and fig products. These products are, when possible, offered on the estate. If you book a breakfast with your stay, you can get acquainted with the delicious products from our own land!

The guesthouses of Mas de Muntaner have various waste bins in which the waste can be separated (plastic, paper, organic and other waste). In this way we want to contribute to a better processing of the waste. The organic waste is composted using compost worms. The result is a beautiful, nutrient-rich soil and fertilizer that can be used in the vegetable garden and on the land.