Finally, some activity!

Since a few weeks there is some activity happening on our estate. In the past months we sat down with our contractor and architect to discuss our renovation plans and to agree on the things that need to happen, and the costs of course. After signing one of the agreements, the contractor could finally start. Which means putting cabins on our land for the builders to eat, shower, cook and sleep in. Yes, you read that correctly. The builders are actually the first guests Mas de Muntaner will host. As the contractor is based in Reus, it would be quite a commute every day to our estate. Therefore it was decided to put cabins on our land so the builders can stay there during the week and save time and money on traveling back and forth.


Although putting some cabins on our land doesn’t seem a complicated job, we also had to make arrangements for amenities, because the builders also need water and electricity. Our cisterna still holds quite some water, which they can use for the works for now, and as soon as our borehole has a pump, fresh water can be obtained from there. But electricity is another thing. We are not connected to mains nor do we have any solar system yet. And we also don’t have a generator yet to provide for enough power. In the end a system based on gas bottles was chosen for the time being, until the solar panels are in place.

Hot, hot, hot…

The start of the renovation work was quite something. After weeks and months of cold weather, it is now very hot and they are even talking about a heat wave. Poor guys, standing on top of our future guest house building walls and constructions for the roof! But they don’t seem to mind it too much. The building works goes quick and after a little bit over a week we already have the structure ready for the roof. It is nice to see the progress. And we decided to treat to guys to some well deserved pastries from the local bakery. Next time we’ll try to transport some ice cream 🙂